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Monday, June 26, 2017

AModel Tsar Bomba trailer and Vietnam era ammunition trailer

Two new vehicles cross the finish line today.

The first was more of a challenge than most 1:72 aircraft. It certainly had more parts. This is the AModel Tsar Bomba trailer. It comes as part of the Tsar Bomba boxing itself, and probably constitutes more actual plastic than the bomb. Although there are a couple of large pieces to anchor things to, everything else – each support beam, each hook and latch, each hinge and wheel, is a separate bit. And, given their short run kit nature, tiny pieces are not really AModel’s best trick. Still, with perseverance and sheer dimwitted stubbornness, it can be done. I have taken photos of the trailer itself and will take a shot of it doing its intended job, holding up a Tsar Bomba atomic bomb.

The other completion is another small airfield vehicle included in the Hasegawa support set. I really haven’t been able to find much in the way of information about this rather generic Vietnam era trailer, either in the Hasegawa documentation, or on the net. I usually like to know the manufacturer and the military designation of the models that I build, so if there are any experts out there who know exactly what this trailer is, speak up.

This is completed vehicle #8 and #9 (10 aircraft, 2 ordnance, 9 vehicles for the year 2017), finished in June of 2017.

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