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Friday, June 30, 2017

Painting (Yak-130, trailers)

Time enough for a relatively short paint session today. I am still completing the 3 cockpits that will require painting shortly, so this was mostly catch-up work.

My primary concern was getting a surface coat of Intermediate Blue onto the Yak-130 prototype. And that went just fine, thankfully. After everything cures and I take off the extensive masking, I’ll work on painting and attaching the tires. This might be made more complicated by the fact that they, like the decal sheet mentioned earlier, seem to have disappeared. Not sure where this rash of missing items is coming from lately. Or going to, for that matter.

It turned out that once I stripped the masking on the Yak-130 there were couple of small areas that require a quick respray due to overspray. So I’ll address that at the next paint session.

Finally, two small ammunition trailers were given their final matte top coats. They will be premiering as finished items shortly. 

And, as promised, a shot of the Tsar Bomba transport trailer doing its intended function: holding up a Tsar Bomba. 

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