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Friday, March 17, 2017

Panavia Tornado GR1

Today’s completed model was just a sort of passing fancy, although it does fit into a category that I enjoy: RAF fighters. It’s another 2016 model (still catching up with publishing those). I was planning to do a Tornado GR4, then discovered I didn’t have any conversions from Freightog left. After making an order for a couple more, I decided to finish this one as a GR1 and let the next one be the updated variant.

I still have some GR1 commemorative schemes on some older decal sets.  This one happens to have come from an Almark sheet, AKS11. It still can be had from Hannants if you are interested.

The aircraft was painted in the scheme for RAF 17(F) squadron back when they were celebrating their 75th anniversary. You can tell how old the sheet is because many squadrons are bumping into their 100th anniversaries now. Still, it is an interesting layout, if only because there are special bits on the wings as well as the spine and tail. Almark decals tend to be a bit thick, but they settled down well enough with SuperSol/Set.

The kit is the standard Revell Tornado GR1. A good buildable kit. I rather prefer the buildability of the Hasegawa Tornados (though if you are an engineer type, I’ve heard talk about some minor shape issues), but the price of the Revell kit can’t be beat. Having built a number of these before, I didn’t really run into any unexpected construction issues. Probably the biggest challenge in the build was masking for the overall camo, but that just goes with the territory. Another completion in a subseries of Tornados.

This is completed aircraft #465 (#32 for the year pf 2016), finished in May of 2016.

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