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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The 72 Land storage crisis

I am in the midst of an actual display storage crisis. I have completely run out of space in any of the various display cases that I currently own. So: what to do?

The answer has been complicated by the recent heater replacement, the dishwasher replacement, and the need to replace a section of our perimeter fence, which came down in a windstorm. Those are all priority items at present, though I may have found a solution that I can use once the financial barriers are taken care of.

See the photo below.

This is a 4’ wide, 7’ high, and 1.5’ deep display case sold by a local store supply shop. Of course, being a modeler, I can’t help but plan some mods to the stock version. It only comes with 5 x short shelves (8 or 10 inch if past experience is any guide. I really only need 4 or 5 inches between shelves since all of my models are 1:72. And I would like to use 16 inch wide shelves to maximize the amount of storage space in the unit. Both of those are aftermarket mods (I’ve already checked into custom glass shelves) but will really make this into a striking addition to the basement display area. MSRP is $494. They are currently out of stock, but I do have to rebuild my reserve due to those other capital items I mentioned earlier.

In the meantime, my current storage shelves are going to start looking like one of those air museums with stuff squeezed in all over the place that clearly need a bigger building. I’ve already had to delay a few larger projects (postwar Lanc, A400M, C-160 Transall) until the storage crisis has eased a bit.

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