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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hasegawa Eurofighter

This is the final catch-up completion for 2016.

It is another anniversary Eurofighter, a sub-project that I have been thoroughly enjoying, since the RAF has seen fit to paint up a number of special schemes in the last few years. This is the red-tailed beauty of 29th Squadron for their 100th anniversary.

Just to be different, I used the Hasegawa kit for this attempt. I’ve been rather disappointed with the deterioration in the later pressings of the Revell version (prior to the new-tool release that escaped recently) so I wanted to get back to something with nicer engineering. And the Hasegawa kit did not disappoint. Everything fitted like it was supposed to, detail is nice, and since I generally produce models without a weapons loadout, the lack of extra bits in that category didn’t bother me at all. The only stiff problem is the price. Hasegawa Eurofighters run about $39 from Sprue Bros, while even the new tool Revell comes in at $14.50. As I may have said before, if you are only going to produce one Eurofighter in your collection, choose the Hasegawa. If you’ve got a lineup planned, consider the Revell. I’ll be starting the new-tool version in a short time, and we’ll see how the engineering on that kit is at that time.

Decals came from Xtradecal sheet 72-230. According to the instructions, it was flown by Flight Lieutenant Jonny Dowen of 29th Squadron, based out of RAF Coningsby in 2015. Definitely an attractive set of markings. No problems in application. 

I still have the 11th and 45th Squadron specials in queue from the RAF. Then I might do something out of pattern and try a couple of Luftwaffe specials. The kit markings for the new Revell Eurofighter are really nice, and I’ve picked up two aftermarket decal sets as well. I guess it is a good thing I enjoy making Eurofighters.

This is completed aircraft #467 (28 aircraft, 6 ordnance, 0 vehicle for the year 2016), finished in July of 2016.

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