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Monday, April 10, 2017

Mostly masking (Hurricanes, P-47, Eurofighter)

Since I spent the last painting session painting landing gear, it was time to start attaching them to their respective airframes. The captured Hurricane has already had its camo painted, and the civil Hawker demo Hurricane will be painted overall Silver, so it was fine to put their gear on. Same with the overall Silver P-47 (which is not pictured below because it has already moved to the paint booth). The Yugoslavian Hurricane still needs to have its lower surfaces painted in Azure Blue, so I will hold off adding gear for now.

After having painted the spine Blue and the anti-glare panel Black on the Lightning F2A, I masked off the entire spine. Also, I added the landing gear on this one as well. There is still one more bit of paint needed on this one before we get to the overall NMF, and that is the Dark Green nose cone. Lesson learned for the next Lightning: don’t glue the nosecone on during construction. Wait until both the cone and the overall color are painted before attaching said cone.

I completed the port side masking for the big stripe on the what-if Red Arrows Eurofighter. Once again I should note that the yellow masking is only for the portions between the two white Tamiya curve-masking tape. Only the lower surface masking remains.

I have a few canopies that need to be masked as well. I’ve decided to hold off on the Airfix Hurricane work until an Eduard mask set I’ve ordered from Hannants shows up. This order was all decals and masking sets, so hopefully it will arrive quicker than a shipment containing kits. The Hobbyboss Hurricane doesn’t have a masking set as far as I’m aware, so that one will be done by hand at my next bench session. 

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