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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Construction (F-101B, Stryker, Skyvan)

There has been some construction going on, though with the summer temps coming on full bore, I usually wait until after dark to get to the workbench. At least then I have a chance of not drowning in sweat while sticking plastic together.

The F-101 continues to come together. The cockpit is painted, detailed, and installed, so I am currently finishing up the major assembly. This is part of my “complete” Century Series project. By that I mean that I have acquired all of the Anigrand experimental types in the series (XF-103, XF-108 and XF-109). So I will have everything from the F-100 to the F-111. I’ve already completed an F-100, F-102, F-104, F-106, and F-111, though I will be replacing the elderly Hasegawa Deltas with the newer (and considerably nicer) Meng kits. I also have the Trumpeter F-107 on standby. The one thing I will need to acquire is the Trumpeter F-105. I do have an ancient raised-lines Hasegawa kits, but would prefer a newer technology starting point.

I’m also continuing construction on the Stryker. Right now, I am deep into the wheel suspension on the vehicle underside. Lots of small parts, but nothing truly difficult. I think this is actually the largest wheeled vehicle I’ve done to date. There is a local connection with the type – a large Stryker unit based in Joint Base Lewis-McChord south of Tacoma.

The Airfix Short Skyvan is proving to be a devilish little beast. The kit itself is old as dirt and the buildability scale is pretty low. I’ve spent much time sanding off the raised rivets since I like them just about as much as I like raised panel lines. Fit has been indifferent at best. The cockpit clear bit was broken when I got the kit, so that has been a challenge as well. I did run across a masking set for this kit, believe it or not, that Hannants was selling. So at least I will just be putting pre-cut mask on the fragile windows rather than having to cut them in place. But there will definitely be some seam work to be done once the fuselage is together. 

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