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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Painting and sweating (not necessarily in that order)

The area is transitioning into another couple of weeks of warm temps. Even waiting until 8pm to start airbrushing, it didn’t take long for the garage to get uncomfortably hot. But I persevered, dripping all the while before running back to my computer-room fan.

There were a few colors put on tonight that will help models advance down the production line. The Academy Stryker got its coat of Field Green, along with its tire hubs. Next comes painting and attaching the tires themselves.

Two aircraft got their wheel wells painted ZC. These were the DC-3 and the F-101B. Next will be getting some actual paint on the aircraft themselves (NMF for parts of the DC-3 and I believe ADC Grey for the F-101, but don’t quote me on that. I just picked up an aftermarket sheet for it and haven't read the paint notes yet. 

The Hurricane got the Middle Stone camo sprayed on. Once it cures, I’ll decide if it needs some buffing and a surface coat, though it looked ok when I finished. Other than the Aluminum for the wheels and Burnt Metal for the exhausts, I believe this is the last bit of paint for the Hurricane.

The HobbyBoss Eurofighter, having had its Black tail, spine, canards and wheel wells masked off, was painted with an overall coat of Barley Grey. Next will come a contrasting Grey for the nosecone.

Finally, the DHC-1 was given a lower fuselage coat of Brit Airways Blue. I do hope the masking held for this. It looked a little loose, so there may be some repair and respray in my future. After that is resolved, I’ll be masking the wingtips and upper tail for the Red sections of the British Airways flying club markings. 

So, a generally productive painting session (and a crowded one, as you can see by the photo below), even if it felt like I was doing it in a sauna. I’m already pining for the cooler autumn air. Fall is really when the Northwest shows off its most spectacular foliage, weather, and general mood. And of course autumn is when the modelling season once again kicks into high gear. 

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