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Monday, February 5, 2018

Construction (Skyvan, F-102, Delta)

One milestone was passed today on the 72 Land production line. The “Arctic Rose” DC-3 has actually been masked up for its final trip to the paint booth. This has been a long journey which I believe began in about 2015. Paint trips for Black, White, Red (with masking steps in between) plus a couple of repair sessions have occurred so far. Next will be the Aluminum surfaces – mostly lower fuselage and wings. Then I will add the landing gear and head for decals.

I’ve also had a chance to buff out the wings/fuselage on the latest Eurofighter, so it will get a surface coat of Barley Grey.

The construction on the Airfix Skyvan has been a long and winding road as well. But at least I have the fuselage together, windows added, all transparencies masked, and one wing attached. It should be too long until the second wing goes together. There are a lot of parts on this not particularly large aircraft. Tail surfaces need to be done too.

Two cockpits for new aircraft have entered the production queue. I received the Italeri boxing of the single-seat Eurofighter which includes four Italian Air Force squadron specials. Plus I have another commemorative scheme from the 4+ book on Eurofighters. Not to mention at least four Luftwaffe Eurofighter specials. Current air forces do love to paint these up. And the RAF specials for 2018 haven’t been announced yet.

The Meng Convair F-102 and the Ffrom Northrop Delta TWA have also gotten their cockpits together and are awaiting paint. 

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