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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Short paint session (Eurofighter, DC-3)

Once again proving that a paint session does not need to be a drawn out event, I got a quick half hour in the garage to apply some color that was holding up two projects.

First came the Alclad White Aluminum for the metal fuselage portions of the latest Eurofighther. The exhaust cans themselves have already been finished. Next on this one will be lot of masking tape removal (and paint repair if required) and then attaching the landing gear and doors.

Second was a surface coat of Dark Aluminum for the Arctic Rose DC-3. I was of two minds on this for a while, and then decided that at least the wings needed a stronger and more consistent coat.

And that was it. I could have painted some cockpits while I was at it but decided I had better declare victory and bug out while the going was good.

As you’ll notice from the photo below, I’ve already partially stripped both aircraft of their masking. The DC-3 looks fine so far, but some of the Eurofighter is a bit rough. The biggest problem was a light grey I used to do the nosecone and leading edges of tail and canards. This is the same paint that caused issues with paint seeping under the canopy of the J8M1 Shusui. Maybe it was a problem with the paint itself and not the masking? Further experimentation will be required.

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