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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Paint session (Eurofighter, Kubelwagen, XP-79)

It was painting time this evening. I work in the garage with the door open, so I spent some of the time watching a fairly strong downpour. Pretty typical for the winter months here in the Great Northwest.

The primary object of the paint session was to get the Barley Grey coat onto the latest RAF Eurofighter. It wasn’t the smoothest surface I’ve ever shot, so will need a bit of judicious buffing and another light surface coat. With all the masking currently on this thing, there might be some touchup that will need to be done as well.

I also painted the Afrika Korps Dunkelgelb onto the Academy Kubelwagen. At the same time I shot the fabric top in MRP Middle Stone. The Kubel will have a few things that need to be detail painted – tires, seats, dashboard, lights – before I can move on to the decal stage. Before that, you’ll note from the photo below that I decided what to do with the RLM80 squiggles on the body of the vehicle. They are much smaller than the mottling you would find on an aircraft, so I just brush painted them with some sharp new brushes I acquired last week. I really didn’t think sending it through the airbrush, given my inability to control the air pressure, would look very good. Even with good pressure control, that mottling is very small.

One comment about my ongoing experiment with MRP Paints. These things are mixed extremely thin. I don’t think I mix the paint this thin when I’m working with regular enamel paints. This means three things. 1) Don’t be impatient (like me). 2) Spray from a distance or you are almost guaranteed to get pooling and runs. 3) Start with light coats and build up the color saturation gradually.

The last item on tonight’s menu was a matte overcoat for the RS Models XP-79. This now gives me two more completed models awaiting their photography session. So I guess I had better get myself into gear!

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