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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas greetings

No, honestly, the moss-encrusted fortress of 72 Land has not slipped under the waves of the Pacific. I'm still here, though it has not been the usual sort of December, which tends to be modelling heavy. A minor computer meltdown (our home laptop is gradually crumbling into dust, this time's crisis being primarily in the keyboard), some brief excitement and disappointment concerning a potential new job, and the usual rush of Christmas festivities are to blame.

But we are currently celebrating the one-year anniversary of the 72 Land blog. Almost 40 models were completed in calendar 2011. All of us (dogs included) are still breathing, and you can't find fault with that.

So to all the nearly 6000 page reads in the first year, let me express my best Christmas wishes (sorry, I don't do "happy holidays"). May all your gifts be full of styrene, and may your workbench be covered in the heady scent of Tenax and paint.