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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A non-modelling summer

This has been a truly non-modelling summer. Between various Real Life events and disasters, I don’t think I have done anything even remotely modeling related since probably the 4th of July. It was something of a relief, therefore, to actually get to spend some time in the modeling dungeon last night, even if it wasn’t very long or very high quality work. At least it got the queue moving again.

Work centered on the MiG-AT from AModel. This is going to have an overall White prototype paint job, so there was no penalty for attaching the landing gear at this stage. So that is what I did, and the model can now sit on its gear while the paint is drying. Next up for this treatment are the Yak-130 and Su-28.

Now, getting paint room time may be a challenge for another week or so. We’re predicted to get one of our rare 90+ days tomorrow, and anything over 80 can be thoroughly uncomfortable in the mostly non-air-conditioned residential Northwest. But when it happens, the Wellington and Sea Vixen are mostly likely to get the attention.