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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hurricane fever

If you remember a post from a couple of months back that showed a new display case which I had purchased at the Spring Show, you’ll probably remember that the bottom two rows of that new case were filled with Hurricanes. RAF Hurricanes, foreign Hurricanes, PR Hurricanes, racing Hurricanes. And, given that there was open space on the bottom row, the promise of new Hurricanes to come.

So I have begun the process of adding those new Hurricanes. I was doing another of my infamous stash dives, rummaging around in the 72 Land National Warehouse, when I ran across the section devoted to Hurricanes. It is a bit depleted, since I haven’t been buying much in the last few years, and have actually been building things. (Counterintuitively, a net stash reduction is clearly not enough to freeze Hell over at this time). Not that you’d notice the reduction, with about 2000 kits in the garage.

There were a couple of Hasegawa IIs (a B and a C) and two Omega resin kits of oddball variants, in this case a floatplane and a Russian two-seat courier/trainer. I have to say that the floatplane got some serious consideration, but I try to limit myself to one resin kit at a time, and I’m still hoping to get the Northrop N1M back on track in the near future.

But while in another area of the stash, I ran across a couple of HobbyBoss easy kits of 2cs as well. I don’t share the disdain that some have for the ease of assembly of this line of kits, but then kits with low parts count often get an enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Since I had never built one of the HobbyBoss kits in this series, I decided to throw both of them on the workbench.

I next turned to potential markings. About the only option in the three 2cs is the filter: tropical or standard. Well, that and the prop/spinner, but both styles are available in both the Hasegawa and HobbyBoss boxes. I spent a little time rooting in my decal box, searching for an interesting set of markings that I had not yet used.

Frustratingly, many of the interesting schemes were for F1s, which have become difficult to find these days. Hopefully, Airfix will follow up their fabric wing Hurricane with a metal wing Mk 1, which would solve that problem in a simple (and inexpensive) way.