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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Eurofighter (11 Squadron RAF anniversary)

This completion, like the previous (Hurricane), is a model that I’ve built numerous times over the year. It is the 10th Eurofighter, 6 of which are special anniversary schemes of one type or another. The other 4 are in regular squadron markings.

I think I have built just about all of the various 1:72 Eurofighter kits out there, though this is my first Hobbyboss example. The new tool Revell is next in the queue. The Hobbyboss is not a difficult kit to build, though it does fall short a bit on detail. The Revell one is still the best – at least until the mold deterioration started to kick in – so I live in hope that the new tool variety will put it back on top.

Decals came from an Xtradecal set: X72230. I had already done the red-tail 29 Squadron RAF special, so this time I did the 11th Squadron RAF anniversary scheme. As always the Xtradecals performed as advertised. I do enjoy these RAF special markings schemes, but I might be tempted by some Luftwaffe specials shortly. And the Italian AF is starting to do them also, and if someone makes decals I will likely add that to the herd as well.

This is completed aircraft #481 (14 aircraft, 2 ordnance, 12 vehicles for the year 2017), finished in October of 2017.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Revell Hawker Hurricane 2c (Egyptian AF)

I, like I suppose everyone else, have favorite aircraft. Eurofighter, A-4, Spitfire, Corsair. One of my main projects is the Hawker Hurricane. Tonight I am presenting the 23rd completed model of this type in my collection.

Although I love the new Airfix ragwing Hurricane, markings options are fairly limited. I do have a couple of metal wing conversion sets so I should be able to expand on the early types. This particular model is of the 2c. I’ve been informally working my way through the foreign users, and this one is from the Egyptian Air Force.

It uses the Revell kit, which I find to be a nice buildable example. The one weakness the kit has, and you can see that I ran afoul of it on this particular model, is that the four guns on the wing leading edge are extremely fragile. I typically knock more than one of the guns off during the life of a Revell Hurricane and this was no exception. The difference this time was that it happened after the painting stage, and I honestly don’t know when it detached from the wing. I did a thorough search on the workbench and floor, but no luck. The Carpet Monster is probably sneering at me.

Being a kit I have built many times before, there wasn’t much out of the ordinary during construction. Paint was in desert colors (Dark Earth, Middle Stone, Azure Blue) with the slight variation that, while most of the RAF desert planes have red spinners, this Egyptian example had one painted up in Sky. The decals came from Kits World 72144, an all-Hurricane sheet. It is likely my next Hurricane will come from this sheet as well; if I had to guess, I would say it will be the Free French version.

With the exception of the missing gun, this one came out well enough. Not my best, not my worst, which is after all where most models end up. And you’ll see that late devastating errors are not that uncommon on the 72 Land production line. Looking at you, Starship.

This is completed aircraft #480 (13 aircraft, 2 ordnance, 12 vehicles for the year 2017), finished in September of 2017.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Paint session (F-101, XP-79, Me-163)

The procedure having gone well enough on Tuesday, I decided to clear out the paint queue backlog this evening.

Most of the activity (3 models) was applying a matte or semi-matte top sealer coat. It went well enough on the Hurricane and Eurofighter, and they will be debuting as finished models shortly. The AModel Starship continues to be the problem child, and broke off its nosewheel while in the painting process. After repairs, it too will get its completion photos taken.

Other than that, I painted the nosecone of the F-101 Black. Next comes some masking of that and the wheel wells. Then I’ll proceed with the ADC Gray coat.

Finally, two cockpits painted: Me-163 and XP-79. Some detail painting needs to be done in both, but at least they’ve cleared that hurdle. Me-163s don’t take long to build, so that one should be featured in near term installments of the blog.

The photo below does not include the three models that are ready for completion photos; just the others.

On the subject of the spinal injection, I must say that it is never pleasant for someone to stick a wide-diameter needle into your spine. Most of the process was merely painful, but the last poke was on the nerve that has been giving me the most problems. Imagine if you had just broken your arm, were in screaming pain, and someone came up with: “I’d like to stick a needle in there please”. They’re lucky they didn’t have to peel me off the ceiling. I don’t think this was the magic bullet for my situation, but I will need to wait about a week, when the steroids will have done whatever they are going to do. Isn’t the aging process fun? 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Decals (Eurofighter, Starship)

Most of the workbench activity for the last couple of days has been related to decals: the long, slow journey to get the Beech Starship finished, and the much quicker job of getting the RAF 11 Squadron Eurofighter marked up.

The Starship required a bit more effort before it was ready for its topcoat. The front wheel broke off more times that I care to remember (until I finally just set it aside until all the handling is complete). Same with the two small antennae on either side of the nose.

The Eurofighter got the Medium Grey fin details and radome taken care of. I’m still in the process of working the decals. One side is complete, and I’ll try to get some time in to finish the other half tomorrow.

Everything else is just leading up to the next painting session. That likely won’t happen until later this week, since I have to make another run to get the spinal injections done tomorrow morning. Last time they didn’t like some of the bloodwork numbers and cancelled. If they do this to me again, we will have what was known during the cold war as a “full and frank exchange of views”. I’m getting quite frustrated by this whole process. My back is only getting worse, and I need to see some progress in this case. If this is all just leading up to spinal surgery, let’s get it done and stop farting around!

As three models will be moving into the completed column this week, I’ll be introducing some new ones the start of the construction queue. A civil French Me-163, a Japanese Komet, and the brand new Sova Northrop Firebird drone.