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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mea culpa

Here I am again to apologize for not being here very often (which sounds rather odd when I put it like that). Lack of mojo and some seriously cold weather have kept me out of the painting room - ie, garage - and I need to clear the paint queue out somewhat before I can continue construction. 

What construction I do get done seems to start after everyone else has wandered off to bed, and at least after 11pm. The advantage of having retired this year is obvious. If I was still working, I'd be sacked out by that time as well. 

The problem is that I have to keep things quiet, and I generally would prefer to have something loud and obnoxious on the CD/BRD while I am modelling. 

Thus, I have arranged for a new set of Sony headphones so that I can continue to abuse my hearing ability even while everyone else in the house is asleep. Part of the Christmas deal which also includes some books and even a kit or two. 

So, as hope springs eternal, I can hopefully get some work done and restore my missing modelling mojo. 


  1. apologies necessary! Toying with the idea of reducing my hours/retiring myself - so I can make a concerted attack on the stash- although as I'm 'only' 56, people are looking at me and going "you what?" when I mention it..curently listening to the new Dirkschneider -Back to the Roots CD (U.D.O never sounded better!)

  2. Actually I only officially retired at 59, though I was not working fulltime for a couple of years before that. It is really a life changer. Basically solved my hypertension problem once I quit! Unfortunately some other health disorders came rushing in to fill the gap :(

    I am familiar with Udo from his earlier gigs. Might have to give some of the new stuff a try.