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Sunday, October 30, 2016

More mojo drought

I really must apologize for the lack of new content on the 72 Land blog since I returned from vacation in September. Between the catharsis of the first road trip vacation in 6 years to the return of some low blood pressure issues it has been difficult to get much enthusiasm going for anything. That's no excuse, I realize, though it is a reason. 

I have done very little in the way of modelling in the last couple of months. I must have a dozen things waiting in the paint queue - almost all requiring white paint, of all things. I've done some early work on an Airfix Lightning and another P-47 (Academy this time). I've got a few completed items that haven't gotten their photos taken or their final summaries written up. So it's not that there is a lack of work. Just a lack of ooomph. 

There is also a milestone coming up that, while others of the sort have not had an effect, seems to be causing some problems. Conversation for another day, I think. 

In any case I am trying to get things in line so that I can once again continue my progress toward the ultimate 1:72 scale model collection. Here's a slight hint as to what is coming next.