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Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 NFL Champion Seattle Seahawks

Now THAT was a dominating performance. Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for winning Super Bowl 48 in East Rutherford NJ. After having to listen to the media all week long, you would have thought that Peyton Manning was playing the game all by himself. You might have heard some talk of Seattle's defense, but only in terms of how difficult it was going to be for them to stop Manning's offense. Well, luckily, they seem to have overcome that obstacle. 

This is a big deal for this city. It's not a very good sports town. The only national championship they ever got was the 1979 NBA title. But there is something special about Seahawk fandom. They are rabid. They are noisy. Their cheers at home games routinely show up as minor earth tremors on the UW seismograph. Though Kansas City is a close second, Seattle is still the most noisy stadium in the NFL. 

So congratulations to the team and the city. There are going to be a lot of parties going on in the next 24 hours!

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