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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Back? Well, sorta

To begin with, I am still alive.

But I have spent 4.5 months as an inpatient at UW Medical Center in Seatle. The original surgery went horribly wrong and nearly killed me on the table. By the grace of God I did come back from that, but had to endure the rest of my time with setbacks, intestinal infections, and sheer bad luck.

I am now home, but due to atrophy of muscles due to the time spent convalescing, I am currently unable to walk. Hopefully the intensive physical therapy will correct that before too long. But it does mean I won't have access to the hobby room (where I build) and certainly not the airbrushing station downstairs. So I will still be AWOL for a while yet.

Hopefully I will be back before long. But I can't guarantee a return date, or really anything about the recovery, given the snakebit nature of the process so far.

But stay tuned - the game is not over yet!


  1. We're working hard at it but there are lots of complications. But I appreciate the good thoughts!

  2. ..was wondering how it was all going that’s good news.. and all the best for your continuing convalescence..

  3. It has been a struggle but I'm doing much better than the last home stand. Thanks for the good wishes!