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Saturday, December 7, 2019

MIA, for a while at least

This is the formal announcement that I’ll be missing in action for a few weeks. I am scheduled to have LVAD cardiac surgery (a left ventricular assistance device, ie heart pump) on Wed 12-11. I’ll actually be admitted on 12-9, so this will likely be my last entry for a while.

Inpatient stay will be a couple of weeks, then home rest for 3 months. The procedure will be done at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

Postings haven’t been frequent lately due to the gradual deterioration of heart function. But once I’m back my intention is to jump back on the hobby train and see what can be accomplished.

Many thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts for this difficult and complex operation. Keep em coming! And I’ll see you once I’m able.

This is kind of a lame photo to use, but believe me, most of them on the net are pretty gross. Not something you'd want to be surprised by when you thought you were going to a modelling website!


  1. Best wishes Kevin, I look forward to your speedy recovery!

  2. We'll all be missing your blog posts during your recovery. Your modeling adventures are the first thing I check in the morning.