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Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 IPMS-Seattle Spring Show part 2

Some photos from last weekend's show. We'll start out with those three 707s. It has been noted that the civil/commercial categories are always strong at our show. Well, we are in Boeing country here, and that is reflected in the turnout. It always seems that half of the club is employed by the Big B, mostly in the engineering group.

Despite my minor carping about imaginative model selection, it wasn't all 109s and Spitfires. There were some interesting items included. The Bristol Bombay is the Contrail vac, it is always nice to see a Matchbox He-115 completed, and the hometown Boeing 40 came from the CMR resin kit.

Once again, you can access my album of 1:72 models from this year's show at this link..

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