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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Purchase update

As expected, the Revell of Germany Halifax did arrive at Sprue Bros. And sold out instantly. Not sure how that happens when they don't do pre-orders and I check their site every day in the morning. Just a few modellers quicker than I am, I guess. I don't know how many they got in their initial shipment, of course, but I hope it is not a case of "don't buy too many because we all know 1:72 doesn't sell". That myth does seem to have the most extraordinary staying power.

So, off to plan B (PMs always have a plan B). I did go ahead and buy a deep discount Cyberhobby Sea Vixen ($23) and an Airfix Hawk in the Red Arrows boxing ($7) but had to go looking for my Halifax elsewhere.

I found one at Lucky Model for $25. This had the associated advantage of being a source for the Meng Models kit of the Katsuodori, an interesting little IJAAF 46 model that does not seem to have hit US shores yet. I would have preferred not to have to pay shipping on two orders, but it is time to get started on the Halifax.

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