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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Latest Hannants loot

A few weeks back, I received a small box from Hannants. It was mostly taken up with a half dozen or so decal sheets, some for projects that are already in motion or soon will be. A couple are for things a bit further in the queue. What follows is a summary of my plans, along with product links for Hannants.

I built this order around the issuance of the latest in Xtradecal's series of sheets for RAF special schemes, X72-233. I do enjoy building commemorative markings, and this sheet is filled with them. My primary interest is around the Eurofighter from 41 Squadron and the Hawk from 208 Squadron. But once I got a look at the sheet artwork, I'm definitely going to have to find a spot for that 27 Squadron Chinook. At least one of the Tornado GR4s (desert war anniversary maybe?) are likely to go on the list too. Link

I also wanted to pick up the Xtradecal X72-200 sheet for the Lightning T5. I acquired a Sword T5, and even though I've had some issues with their kits in the past, this is the only real option for a trainer at present. My intention is to do the Akrotiri Lightning with the pink tail and squadron markings, as well as the flamingo. But for the life of me, the squadron bands as printed appear to be white, when they are clearly pink in photographs and even on Xtradecal's printed instructions. Not sure if this is an error or just a difference in interpretation. There are other T5 options on the sheet, but I really would like to do the flamingo. Link

I've picked up Kopro kits of the L-4 Grasshopper, so DKD72028 will come in handy for that. There are some instances of (small) nose art, and even an overall Gloss Sea Blue option. Link

I have had a copy of the Sword S-43 since time immemorial, but never pulled the trigger because I kept waiting for someone to do airliner markings for it. These many years later, the only sheet that I have found is Lima November LN72-259 for an example of DNL (Det Norske Luftartselskap). One nice thing is that the sheet comes with masks for those circular windows. Link

The final decal sheet in this order is an oddball: the Antonov An-2 owned by Milka. Now, Milka is not sold in the US as far as I know, so I'm not 100% which purple I will use. But it will certainly be a standout on the shelves. Someone is producing Milka markings for a Ju-52 as well, and I have a surplus of the Italeri kits, so I had better buy enough paint to cover both examples. Link

Tomorrow I'll give a brief recap of the only model that was in this Hannants order. 

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