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Saturday, July 2, 2016

More masking (B-17, Eurofighter, Hurricane)

Painting preparation was the name of the game in the modelling dungeon this week. The primary effort was to get the RAF B-17 in proper shape for its coat of Dark Green. This is why it seems that I am constantly ordering Tamiya kabuki tape.

In addition, I have a few projects that require an Alclad Aluminum spray. Most important is the forward engine area on the Eurofighter (masquerading as a bundle of paper towels in the photo below). I will likely spray Jet Exhaust on the space shuttle engine cones as well.

Finally, I have done the upper surface masking for the German captured Hurricane. The wings will get a coat of RLM74 follwed by RLM75.

I am still working on the cargo doors of the space shuttle and cleaning up the seams on the future Arctic Rose DC-3. Plus there is still masking to be done for the silver leading edges of the Beech Starship.

Among all of this I am still working on cleaning out the garage for the eventual massive swap of storage (which moves from the interior lower storage to the garage) for display cases (which will move from the garage to the lower floor). That is a huge project in and of itself. 

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