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Friday, December 28, 2012

A (Neutral) Gray day in Seattle

Not a comment on Seattle’s weather – it was actually mostly sunny today – but rather the paint that was loaded into my airbrush.

It was a short session. I got some Matte on a couple of finished models (which will be making their debuts in a few days), and I sprayed the Neutral Gray color coat on the lower surfaces of the three P-47s that are travelling in a group. Since they are for war-weary fighters, the individual planes seem to have a lot of stripes, cowl colors, and tail colors that needed masking. So it was a bit more complicated than is usual for Thunderbolts.


  1. astoundingly productive December . .14 updates to my big fat zilch!

  2. Grand total in 2012 is 44, after a 2011 of 39. But when you consider volume, you also have to take into account the quality of the finished product. I've seen a lot of your stuff on your blog, and while I can probably outproduce you handily, your individual results are much better than mine. Not being a brownnose, just a realistic view of things.

  3. ...depends what the subject is I think. My 72nd scale fighters turn out relatively neat IMVHO, but I struggle with anything bigger, with the result that all I do is 72nd scale fighters...gonna get some bigger stuff finished in 2013, make the blog (and the shelf) a little more interesting to look at hopefully!