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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back to the paint shop (B-17, Eurofighter, Hurricane)

Despite a passing cold, producing more snot than any human should have to deal with, I was able to get an hour or so worth of painting accomplished.

I was able to get the Dark Green color coat put down on the RAF B-17. It looked decently smooth, so unless it cures a bit bumpy I can probably proceed with stripping off that immense masking job and move on to get the details (like wheels and props) attached.

I also put a layer of RLM74 on the captured Hurricane ragwing. The paint seemed to go on pretty thin; I may have to reinforce it with a second coat. I'll decide after everything dries thoroughly.

Finally, some Alclad work was called for. Aluminum for the upper exhaust on the two Eurofighters in process at present, and then Jet Exhaust for their lower exhaust and the engine nozzles on the space shuttle.

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