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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Construction/paint prep (Hurricane, Eurofighter, F-101B)

The production gears here in 72 Land are gradually getting back into operational shape, limited mostly by ongoing mobility issues. But some work has been accomplished setting up for the next paint session.

I’ve pretty much completed the Egyptian AF Hurricane after adding a few exterior detail bits (like the antenna) that just love to break off and hide in the carpet at the slightest provocation. All that is left is to apply the matte topcoat and it will be ready to have its photo taken and moved into the completed column.

I masked the Hobbyboss Eurofighter for those medium grey areas at the top of the tail which continue down the leading edge of the fin. I’ll also be painting the nose cone the same color. I’ll probably use a Testors spray can just for ease of application. Next comes landing gear and finally, decals.

The Monogram F-101B has had its nose cone attached, and it will need a quick coat of Black. Still a fair bit of construction work on this one, mostly detail exterior bits. It will also need to have the wheel wells stuffed with wet paper towels prior to applying the overall ADC Gray paint. This is part of the Complete Century Series project (complete because it will include the prototypes of the F-103, F-107, F-108, and F-109). The only model I don’t physically have in house is the Trumpeter F-105, though I have already sourced some decals and a Master nose probe. I’ll probably pick the kit up from Sprue Bros shortly.

The Northrop XP-79 and N1M need their cockpits painted, but that likely will not happen until the following paint session. But the ones in queue should give me enough to do for one turn at the airbrush. 

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