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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Paint prep (Ju-87G, Skyvan, AS-1 Kennel)

Since returning from our truncated vacation, the weather has finally begun to drop into the more modeler-friendly 70s, allowing me to steal away a few moments to stick some plastic together. Much of the work was to prepare for the next paint session, as usual.

I masked off the lower surfaces of the Ju-87G. Since the canopy was already masked, it is now ready for its upper coat of RLM70.

I also masked off the vertical tail surfaces of the ancient Airfix Short Skyvan, in preparation for its Aluminum coat. Once that cures, I’ll be able to add the engines, props, and wheels. Then comes time for Gulf Air decals.

I received my order of Xtracolour paint from Roll Models, so I am ready to paint the transport cart for the Raduga AS-1 Kennel, as well as some detail bits on the missile itself.

I’m also gradually getting the cockpit together for the AZ Dehav Comet. It is almost ready for paint as well. Just a couple of bits to stick on.

The Meng Manshu Ki-98 has been ready for its cockpit paint for a while now, but it has been stalled since I wanted to paint the Hauler Ohka interior at the same time. The Ohka has a surprising amount of bits, some of which are in resin, which means I’ll have to use the dreaded superglue.

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