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Friday, March 18, 2011

Airfix BAe Hawk T1

Another to add to the completed column tonight. This is the new-tool Airfix Hawk T1, and I really enjoyed making this kit. I thought the engineering was very competent, and there were lots of little gifts to the model maker included. The nose gear doors are slightly curved to match the fuselage, ensuring a tight attachment. The flap fairings are very tight as well, meaning that they stay in the right place, something that was hit and miss on the Italeri kit. Their T2 / Mk 128 looks good too, though I haven’t built one yet. Too bad that Matchbox is still the only 200 on the block (and I have built one of those).

This Hawk was the one that threw me into a quandary over markings. I had originally planned to use decals from Xtradecal sheet 72085 for 208 Squadron RAF, with the giant roundel on the tail and underside. But I discovered that the new tool Airfix kit was somewhat different in the placement of the wheel wells and flap tracks than the Italeri kit which the sheet was apparently designed for. So off I went to the decal vault to see what I could use instead. I finally decided to go with a black trainer T1 from 100 Squadron. At least it had squadron bars.

I’ve mentioned before that I like the new tool Airfix Hawk. The engineering is excellent for building, even if the panel lines could be a bit less prominent. And having a one-color exterior is always a plus. BAe Hawks are one of those types that I’ve built in double digits due to the wide availability of colorful markings. As always, the Xtradecals went on perfectly, with good color, density, and adhesion.

This is completed model #345, finished in February of 2011.

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