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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Emhar F3H Demon

Postwar naval fighters of the USN is one of the many sub-topics I have pursued over the years. And last year I had a flirtation with the equivalent fighters from the RAF and FAA. So it was inevitable that eventually I would return to this line. For the longest time I couldn’t decide whether to build the Emhar F3H Demon or the Hobbycraft F2H Banshee, but finally came down on the side of the Demon. The Banshee will get its moment of attention at a later date.

Even though the F3H is known for being the predecessor of the F-4 Phantom, it shares a lot of its shape and look with the Supermarine Scimitar. Plus it was contemporary to the F5D Skyray, F8U Crusader, and F11F Tiger. And since it was in service during the golden age of colorful naval aircraft, there were lots of nice squadron color schemes to choose from.

The kit is produced by Emhar. I’ve mentioned (the urban legend?) that Emhar was supposedly formed using a group of kits that were in progress when Matchbox went toes up, but the physical evidence does lend this some support. It could easily have fit in to Matchbox’s house style in terms of both molding and subject selection. Even the kit decals have that Matchbox sort of feel. All it would take is to mold the sprues in different colors.

Fit was decent throughout. Clear bits were not cloudy. If anything can be said as a downside, there are some parts (gear doors, pylons) that are just a bit on the chunky side. More meticulous souls than I might want to replace them with card, or use the Airwaves photo-etch set (72060) that has at least a couple of the doors included.

The markings chosen are from VF-151 from 1963 and based on the USS Coral Sea. These are found on Xtradecal X72027. Curiously, Hannants no longer lists this sheet as being available, although they have an Almark sheet that must be considerably older.

I was fairly pleased with this one, something that hasn’t always been the case this winter. But as they say, 2013 is a new year.

This is completed model #419 (#44 and final for the year 2012), finished in the waning hours of New Years Eve. Really. 

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