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Friday, April 1, 2011

Catching up

I need to catch up with the model progress for the last couple of weeks. There has been some progress, though less than you might expect. We’re starting to see the early wedge of spring break through in the Great Northwest. The temps are consistently getting into the 50s, though we are living up to our reputation for rain. I’ve been spending some time on a few house projects (painting the living room areas, beginning some tentative yardwork when it isn’t pouring). Concurrently, I hit a bit of a modelling slow patch. Just a little bit of work here and there.

The Eurofighter T1 and Sopwith Snipe are both finished, and will be making their debuts on the blog shortly. The Airfix Bf-110 is closing in on its paintwork cycle, just needing the RLM04 Gelb patches on the tail and the lower engine nacelles. Both the Hasegawa Ki-44 and AZ Gloster Gauntlet are patiently waiting for their decals. Painting progress has been made on the Hasegawa F-111 and Ju-88, along with the Airfix Bulldog. I’ve started a mini project of three next gen fighters, the Italeri F-22, Trumpeter J-10, and Zvezda T-50, but I’ve really only gotten the cockpits together and painted so far.

I believe I have conquered the dust problem on my Nikon D40’s sensor, but will have to confirm that when I take the shots of the Eurofighter and Snipe. That was a bit nervewracking – but interesting – to have the mirror up and the sensor exposed while cleaning it. For the first go-round I only used air rather than cleaning fluid.

My records show that I’ve completed 15 models in 2011 so far, about half of which have featured on this blog. I’m on pace to blow away last year’s record of 27. Well, like I’ve always said, all you have to do to increase your production pace is get unemployed and abandon all pretense of quality standards!

Coming up in less than 2 weeks is the annual IPMS-Seattle Spring Show, the largest modelling contest in the northwest. It will be held this year on 4-9-11 at the Renton Community Center in Renton WA. I’ve heard that vendor participation will be good this year, with Draw Decals and the American distributor of Anigrand expected to be here, along with the usual mix of professional vendors and people clearing out some of their stash. That Anigrand Boeing Clipper is tempting the heck out of me, but at $173 it may have to wait until my income returns to normal.

Here are a couple of random shots from the workbench, showing models in progress.

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