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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Airfix BAe Hawk T1

Just to prove that at least some modelling activity goes on around here in the summertime, I have finished another Hawk T1.

Once again this is the new-tool Airfix kit, and I have nothing but praise for its engineering and buildability. No filler was needed anywhere, the seams were easy to deal with, and detail is fully adequate for this scale. My error was carried over from the previous Hawk (since they were assembled and mostly painted in tandem): the mid-canopy sealer should be a light beige rather than a full-on brown.

The decals were taken this time from Xtradecal sheet 72-095. It is for a 63 Squadron aircraft at RAF Chivenor in 1991. Interestingly, these markings also feature on Xtradecal 72-031. I’m not sure what the difference is, if any, because in fact there are a number of markings on both sheets.

This is completed aircraft #359, finished in July of 2011.

I should also note that my Airfix Valiant is on the way from the good folks at Sprue Bros, and due to arrive on Friday afternoon, 7-15.

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