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Friday, July 13, 2012

High summer

This week has been something of a train wreck, both in personal terms and modelling terms. In addition, we’ve finally entered what could be unquestionably thought of as High Summer in the Northwest. While we have escaped the triple digit heat of much of the rest of the country, when it starts getting into the mid-80s, it gets humid since we’re so close to the ocean. And in a city where most of the houses do not have air conditioning – and our house seems to be oriented so that there is little or no breeze through it even when all doors and windows are open – mid 80s are pretty uncomfortable.

Add that to a couple of construction screwups (how do you mess up a relatively new Revell kit?). And painting issues (little air seems to be making it through the airbrush, so I suspect I’m going to have to break it down into its components, a process that I dread). And sweating so much that you need a shower after sticking little plastic pieces together for a half hour.

I’m also rather far behind in getting completed models published on the blog. I suppose, with the problems I’ve been having, that may be a blessing. Still, I should be happy that I will be able to produce content even if not much is going on at the workbench. So you should be seeing at least 6 models debut before the end of the month. Unless I go completely mad in the heat and find myself naked in the Seattle Center fountain, a result that would be good for no one.


  1. I suppose I should sympathise, but here we're under water!

  2. Ha. And here I am counting the days until I head back to Seattle to escape the 90s/100s and humidity in Ohio. You'd think that with such heat and a brand new Airfix Spitfire 22, you would would find me at the bench...but sadly not...

  3. Gents: I admit I felt kind of wimpy grousing about the "heat" when everyone else in the country has it 20 degrees warmer (and having been born in Illinois I certainly understand about the humidity). But I guess I just succumbed to the natural need to whine online!