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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DML Arado Ar-234

In 2012 I started on a few late war German fighters as a result of the mini Me-262 project. You’ve already seen the He-162, and now it is time to roll out the twin-engined type. This is the Arado Ar-234, generally acknowledged as the first dedicated jet bomber.

It is not a large plane by any means, not really that much bigger than a P-47. The wing surfaces are all unswept, as that concept hadn’t taken hold in production aircraft yet. This is the DML kit, and like the He-162 it embodies pretty much all of the good and bad points of those early DML 1:72 kits. In other words, impressive detail and equally unimpressive fit. Most of the bothersome areas are in the cockpit; I felt that the wings, tail, and landing gear all cooperated. I replaced some of the photoetch framing in the cockpit with plastic rod, if only to be able to attach them with regular glue.

I do enjoy making late war and Luft 46 models, though I’m not sure I would build another Ar-234. Just not enough color schemes, though I suppose I might be tempted one day by the four engined version.

This is completed model #418 (#43 for 2012), finished in December.

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