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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wellington cockpit

Since I am in the process of decaling four different models and painting two others, it looks like the front of the production queue here at 72 Land Industries is beginning to starve. So I got a few new boxes down from the stash to start tinkering with the cockpits.

Though in one case there is no cockpit to tinker with. This is the Amodel Rutan Voyager. This is a very early AModel effort, and it shows. I was going to buy a unique shape like the Voyager no matter what the kit was like, but this shows the manufacturer’s inexperience at the time. To describe the engineering as chunky is an understatement, and I fear that more than Mr Surfacer is going to be needed as finishing putty for this one. There is no cockpit to speak of, but that really matters little as the canopy glazing is only about 1/16” wide anyway. About enough room for the pilot to stick his head up and that is it. Any other windows will be handled with Kristal Kleer since they are flat. Comparing this to a current AModel kit is something of a revelation; they have made great strides, though there is still some room for improvement.

The other new model is the exact opposite. This is the Trumpeter Vickers Wellington 1C, and the cockpit is both detailed and complex. Though I still have issues with the fabric representation, I think this will be a less stressful build. And check out the interior detail. I'll be painting the interior of the Wimpy and the Battle at the same time. 

More Hawks, a Pe-8, a Ju-287, and the Cyberhobby Sea Vixen are also getting some close examination. 

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