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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hurricane choices

I’ve already been through most of the color variations in RAF Hurricanes. Some in Dark Earth / Mid Stone / Azure Blue, some in Dark Earth / Dark Green / Sky, some in Dark Green / Ocean Grey / Medium Sea Grey. So except for the occasional aircraft with nose art and the occasional squadron markings of some sort, I seem to be putting many of them into foreign air force markings. 

I’ve decided to put the sole Mk 2B trop in captured Japanese markings from a Rising Decals set I bought a few years back. The 2C trop will be going in desert RAF colors, with a presentation nose art from Sky Decals. One of the Hobbyboss kits will be getting Sea Hurricane 2C work; one of the types without a tailhook. Lastly, the other foreign air force getting some face time in the display cabinet will be a 2C from the Portugese Air Force.

Two of these are ready for exterior paint, while two still need their wheel wells and cockpits (such as they are in the HobbyBoss kits) painted in Grey-Green. As soon as the weather gets back to normal I am planning on spending some time in the paint room. 

And as Jim mentioned in a comment on the 7-2-2013 posting, the Hobbyboss Hurricanes are rather anemic in the nasal dimension. You can see that in the nose-to-nose photo of the Hasegawa (left) and Hobbyboss (right). Not enough to get me particularly exercised, but something to note if detail accuracy is your primary interest. 

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