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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More painting on RAF subjects

I spent part of this evening blasting some live Rammstein out of my hobby room speakers and putting together a concentrated masking session. This was in preparation for a Dark Earth painting session. A Hurricane, a Hawk, a Wellington, and part of a B-36. Why would a B-36 need Dark Earth, you ask? All will be revealed...

In the meantime, here is a shot of the results of that painting session - Hawk, Hurricane, and Wellington, at least. 


  1. Hey Kevin,

    if you like Rammstein you should check out Eisbrecher and Stahlmann !

  2. I'm actually a fairly late convert to Rammstein. We had a bit of a media blitz here last year when they played Tacoma as part of their US tour. That stage show looked pretty impressive, so I started watching concert videos on Youtube. I know just enough German that I can at least make a guess at the lyrics. And any band willing to attach flamethrowers to their faces at every show has my respect! I will take a look for the other two bands you mention.