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Friday, December 20, 2013

Two types enter the queue

As we count down the final completions in 2013, that is not the only work being done here at the 72 Land production line. There are actually a couple of new entries coming along.

I've decided to put a little focus on WW2 twin-engined aircraft, now that I've completed most of the WW2 heavies. There are still some to be completed but they tend to be more fringe types (Pe-8, Piaggio P-108, Me-264, Rita). All of the major RAF and USAF types are already in the display cases, though I do intend to replace the Stirling when Italeri's kit is released.

I've recently completed a Bf-110 (not the very nice Eduard kit, unfortunately), He-111, Ju-88, and a Wellington, so twin-engined types seemed like a good way to proceed. I decided to work on the Hasegawa B-26 Marauder. So far I've got the cockpit and internals together; just need to get some painting and detailing done.

The other new start is the beginning of a large cargo series. I have a number of kits (An-12, C-130, etc) but have not yet been able to pick up the new kits that have been produced in the last couple of years (A-400, C-27, any of the Anigrand transports). But I do have a copy of the Revell C-160 Transall, and somewhere along the way I picked up a Two-Six Decals set for an all-white Air France airliner version. Although I honestly don't have space for one of these in any of my display cases at the present moment, by the time I get it finished I hope to have some additional capacity. We'll see how that works out.

Here are a couple of workbench shots of the two newbies. 

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