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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hasegawa Hawker Hurricane 2C (Portugese Air Force)

The next on my list of final completions of 2013 is yet another Hurricane. There is probably no need to recap my love for this type; I do support the underdogs, and the Hurricane has always been overshadowed among the general public by its stablemate, the Spitfire. But the Hurri was, if anything, a more crucial part of the defense of Britain in the early BofB period, and with much more average performance stats.

This particular example is another foreign operator, the Portugese Air Force. According to Wikipedia, they used 150+ examples in the late war and postwar periods. The decal sheet is by Colorado (Carpena), and - though I have had some issues with adhesion with some earlier sheets by Carpena - these performed as per requirements. Paints, as always, are Xtracolour, as long as my stocks hold out.

The photos are from an earlier, less than completely successful photo session. As I've mentioned, I was evicted from my former modelling space - to provide sleeping space for my son... I mean, really! :) The space I'm using doesn't have very good lighting, I've been having issues with the camera's color temperature settings, and of course this all has to be done on aperture priority settings and on a tripod in order to maximize depth of field. Nothing, as they say, is easy. But it is at least finished, which is more than many modellers can say.

I should note the missing cannon on the wing leading edge. Another feast for the carpet monster, though I should be able to pick up a replacement from Quickboost or some other aftermarket producer. The carpet monster seems to have had a more successful relocation than I did.

This is completed model #434 (#15 for the year), completed in November of 2013. 

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