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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Masking amid the sweat droplets

With the return of #1 son a number of months back, I had to move my model building operation out of his once and future bedroom. So the basic work table was exiled to a free wall in the living room and the books migrated to the downstairs library. For the last week or so I've been trying to figure out how to improve the layout. It seems to have encrusted with all sorts of growths: kit boxes, partially completed models, and of course my ebay operation is based on (translation: has taken over) the dining table nearby. Basically I decided that some of the boxes would have to go back to the garage to wait their turn and the dining table had to move a few feet to give me some more space around the work bench.

Alas, this decision landed right in the middle of this year's Northwest Heat Wave. You guys in Dallas can start laughing now, but an entire week of 90+ temperatures is enough to get the first 15 minutes on every local news broadcast here. And we were passing 95 in the middle of it all. That, to the pale skinned denizens of Washington, where about 2% of the houses have any sort of air conditioning at all, is the heat death of the galaxy in miniature. So most of the last week has been spent laying in front of a fan blowing warm humid air.

But at least I did get one thing accomplished. The masking for the two Spitfires was completed, clearing the way for the first coat of paint on the lower surfaces. So that means I will definitely have to confront my airbrushophobia in the near future.

Of course, since I am starting another temp job tomorrow (processing support for the WA state election), I can probably find excuses to delay that confrontation for a while at least.

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