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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cockpits and canopies

All finished with training and cross-training for the election support gig, so I was able to devote some time to ongoing modelling projects.

I was only able to mask one of the HobbyBoss Hurricane canopies. I didn't have an Eduard masking set (I personally prefer using a set, despite the cost) so had to do this one freehand. The Hurricane of course has fairly small window panels, which made this a bit of work. As always, a new scalpel blade and visual magnification helps, but I still managed to slice a gouge in one of my fingers during the session. Ours is a hobby that demands the occasional shedding of blood. I still have one Hurricane canopy to go before applying paint to the pair.

I also assembled a couple of cockpits. The first was for an Italeri DC-3 and the second for the Airfix Ford Trimotor. Since I tend to display canopies in the closed position, I don't generally spend much time on painting and detailing the cockpits. I am much more oriented toward the exterior color and markings, and less for the engineering details. This also explains my rather cavalier approach to detail accuracy. Typically I am happy enough with some spots of color for contrast, maybe a little drybrushing to highlight the raised details, and that is it. I'm only doing this for what can be seen through a closed canopy on a 1:72 scale kit, and that isn't much.

I have built both the ESCI and Italeri DC-3 before (I believe I have 5 total completed) so there weren't many surprises. I even used the military interior instead of the airliner version, since you really can't see the seats from outside.

While looking for something in the stash, I ran across a Frog/Novo Percival Proctor. I wasn't even aware I had one. Alas, it was strewn across the bottom of the storage box, having escaped from its plastic bag. All pieces seem to be accounted for but one, the left half of one of the wheel spats. I am currently ruminating on whether I want to try and mock up something to take its place or just wait until the part resurfaces at some undetermined future date. So it is not clear at present whether I will start this one or not. 

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