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Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day production

First of all, best wishes for your Independence Day if you are American, and - for the rest of the world - at least it is Friday! We here in the Great Northwest are being blessed with a beautiful day, mid 70s and mostly sunny. This is not common, as it is traditional to have it rain on the Fourth. But not this year.

While there have not been any great strides forward in the production queue, I did at least get the two Tamiya Spitfires stuck together. One of them had some issues with the wing/fuselage joint, though given that the other didn't I assume it was some sort of operator error. But a bit of Surfacer and sanding should sort things out quickly. Next up will be masking the two canopies and getting ready for the first paint coat. It will likely be the undersides in Sky.

I did begin some preliminary work on the Airfix Ford Tri-motor. I have both this and the elderly Monogram Tri-motor, and could not for the life of me remember which one was closer to 1:72, though the Airfix kit is visibly larger in dimension. A quick post on the 72 Scale Aircraft forum - thanks, gents - and the question was answered. The cockpit is currently unpainted, so that will become the next step. I'm not sure what markings to use on this one; possibly the Texaco scheme that is on an old Microscale sheet. Decals are always fun over a corrugated surface, so I will have to make sure I am well stocked on Microsol and Microset when the time comes.

Though the weather is pulling me outside, I will try to get a marathon masking session in gear sometime over the long holiday weekend.

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