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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Airfix in 2015

We're just a few weeks out from the annual IPMS-UK Nationals. Although most kitmakers announce their new releases at intervals throughout the year, Airfix is one of the few manufacturers that tries to hold something back for the UK show. We all have types that we want someone to produce - so what 1:72 kits would I like to see from Airfix in 2015?

Imagine BBSS.

Fairey Battle. An important early war type that will fit in well with 2014's Blenheim and Do-17. Might even get the nose correct this time. 

HS Buccaneer. Something of a long shot, but it really is needed and is in line with their longstanding policy of redoing popular ancient kits.

Avro Shackleton. This has been rumored since the Nimrod was issued. And there is a tale that Airfix staff were measuring a restored example in the UK. Sometimes this is mentioned as a Lincoln. I'd go for either one.

Supermarine Scimitar. Another long shot, but if their research said a Swift would sell, this should be a natural.

And if they want something with less effort, just scale down the CAD file for the Javelin and cut some metal.

Despite being a Yank, Airfix is dear to me. I loved most of their 2014 program (Tiger Moth, ragwing Hurricane, Blenheim, Do-17, DC-3, Swift) and will likely be at least interested in whatever they release in my scale. Well, ok, if they come out with a line of F-16s that might cause me to go catatonic. Hopefully we'll get some answers at Telford this year.

Discuss amongst yourselves.... 

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