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Friday, October 3, 2014

Setting up some airbrush time

When it rains. Somehow I've managed to destroy my lower back doing something strenuous (like, k'now, standing up). So you'll have to imagine me at a 45 degree list as I type this. It's either laugh or get committed around here sometimes.

I'm working on setting up for my first airbrushing session in quite some time. There are already a few items in the queue, including the two Tamiya Spitfires I discovered half started while trying to sell them at the Spring Show and a Hasegawa B-26C that I just never was satisfied with the NMF I had originally applied. Shortly I will be masking off the lower surfaces of two HobbyBoss Hurricanes. And then, finally, I will be masking the canopy and doing some seam repair on the Huma P-1106 that I recently started a  mojo ignition project.

As I was taking a leisurely stroll through the decal box the other day I ran across some potential decals for the 1106. Tim is quite right (see comments for 9-28-14) that a projected Marseilles aircraft would be perfect for the type, but I'm trying to stick with items on hand as much as possible. I found a partially used Aeromaster sheet for Bf-109s from JG27. This is sheet 72-073. It is the third example on the first page, an F-2 Trop flown by Eduard Neumann in Libya in the winter of 1941. Well, mine will be a few years later and will assume that the Germans had not gotten chased out of North Africa before the new experimental jet aircraft started to arrive. But it is very similar to the paint scheme I found on the net, with a yellow nose and rudders, and a white fuselage stripe and wingtips. One requirement was to have the JG27 unit marking on the nose. 

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