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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I wanted to extend my wishes for a happy Thanksgiving for you and yours. 

As some of you may have gathered, this has been a trying year here in the 72 Land asylum, but I would never want it said that I was unable to see the blessings that we undoubtedly have received. And most of those are related to my wife of 30 years Sue, my son Kenton, my daughter Shannon, and those two loons, Tug the pug and Tank the French bulldog. 

The photo is not of my pug, but it might as well be. I googled the image, and it was found on the site of Houston Pug Rescue. Here is a link. If you are feeling charitable this holiday season, there are worse options than donating to a dog rescue site, whether local or national. 

Again, happy Thanksgiving 2013!  Happy happy joy joy! 

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