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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Another paint session (Eurofighter, Hurricane, B-17)

It being summer, there are a number of other distractions going on here in the national capital of 72 Land. Still I was able to get some paintwork accomplished a couple of nights back.

Mostly it involved shooting a matte coat on two models that are mostly complete: the RAF B-17 and a new Eurofighter special scheme. However, I did put a surface coat of RLM74 onto a captured Hurricane. More than just a surface coat, really. I realized as I was preparing to paint that, while I had the wings properly prepared, I had neglected to mask off the upper fuselage. So after a bit of new masking, I was ready to proceed. Now that the RLM74 is down, I will be masking in preparation for the camo RLM75.

Not much going on in the way of construction. I have some seam patching to do on the Starship and Norseman. I will hopefully be starting on the cockpit to the A400M shortly. I am ready to begin the Trent Meteor and new tool Airfix Lightning F2, but I really need to move some items along to clear the workbench. There are a few items needing their turn at the paint shed, which will be my next goal once motive and opportunity coincide. 


  1. ..interesting looking B-17, which squadron was this ?

  2. I'll have to check after returning from vacation. It's on a DK decal sheet, so you might be able to get that info from it's Hannants listing.