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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Paint prep / construction (J8M1, Chipmunk, DUKW, Eurofighter)

Some paint prep and a bit of construction were the main events on the workbench this week.

I have finished construction on the J8M1 IJN Komet, and even managed to get the canopy masked up as well. Now all I have to do is go through my paint stocks and see if I have anything that matches up to the orange-yellow that the IJN used for its trainer aircraft.

There was some overspray on the blue of the DHC-10 used by British Airways. I’ve taped it up and will repair the white at the next paint session. Since I have the white out, I will likely reinforce the color on the transparencies (mostly turrets) of the Lanc.

Finally, there will be an overall coat of Olive Drab on the completed DUKW.

In terms of construction, I got the major pieces together for the next Eurofighter in the series. This one will be in anniversary markings from 41 Sqdrn RAF. I’m using the newest-tool Revell kit. There isn’t much that is majorly different from the tooling of a few years back, though there is no sign of the mold deterioration that has plagued that release. Fit was excellent, and any sanding of seams is likely down to my own ham-handedness rather than kit problems. I do seem to have been having some glue discipline issues lately. Most likely I just need to slow down and do a more meticulous job, something I am not particularly known for. This will be my go-to Eurofighter kit, though I did recently buy the Italeri set with the four Italian AF anniversary specials, which means I’ll at least have two of that not particularly great kit in queue. I have decals for three German AF specials yet to use as well. And the special RAF schemes for the Eurofighters in 2018 have not been released to the public yet. I’m sure there are some coming – which will probably be documented by Xtradecal. But my first impressions of the new Revell version are very positive indeed. 

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