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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Construction (Eurofighter, XP-79, Kubelwagen)

With the completions in the last weeks of 2017 and first weeks of 2018, my workbench has started to clear out a bit. There are a couple of long-term masking jobs (DC-3 “Arctic Rose”, a postwar Lancaster, and an Ear Falls Airways Norseman), but masking has been such a pain lately that if I have anything else I can do, I’ll usually just avoid it. I do have four or five kits just beginning the construction process (B-45, Miles Aerovan, Trent Meteor, the first of the Italian AF special Eurofighters, and maybe a TWA Northrop Delta), but spent some time this week in getting ready for another paint session.

The main thing was final construction and decaling on the RS Models XP-79. I thought the canopy was the most grief I was going to have to endure on this model, but then I got to the landing gear and doors. Four gears, with wheels, and each gear door is in two separate pieces. It was a fairly simple kit before I got to that part. Still, it is now ready for a matte overcoat.

The newest-tool Revell Eurofighter has been going through multiple paint passes. There was white for tail and wheel wells/gear. There was red for the details on the tail and canards. There was a medium grey for the leading edges of tail and canards. And, now that I have gotten the last masking done, including the wheel wells, it is ready for its last overall coat: Barley Grey. Not including the overall matte and the detailing of the exhausts, of course.

The other item that will be heading to the paint room is an Academy Kubelwagen. It is a tiny little bugger, with a clear windshield that needed masking on both sides. I have so far managed to keep from knocking off the rear view mirrors (unlike the DUKW), but then I think that damage happened in the painting process, so I’m not out of the woods yet. This will be getting an overall coat of Afrika Korps Desert Sand. Then paint the tires and get the decals added.

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