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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Construction (XP-79, Eurofighter, Kubelwagen)

Now that things have settled down around here and I wait for my spinal surgery to get scheduled, I did have some time to get a bit caught up at the workbench.

As usual, much of the activity is meant to lead into a paint session. Once major construction is done, that pretty much comprises all the steps left, and most paint schemes have at least two colors to apply.

I noticed after I finished the overall Light Grey on the RS Models XP-79, that I had forgotten to paint the landing gear doors at the same time. So I gathered all of them up, and at the same time finished installing the gear themselves. Once I get the doors painted and attached, it will be time for decals.

The latest Eurofighter, another RAF anniversary scheme before I embark on a series of Italian AF specials, has had its white tail areas applied and masked. I then added the light grey areas on the tail, canards, and nose cone. This week I’ve gotten those areas masked and it will be time to add the Red areas on tail and canard. Then yet more masking and the coat of Barley Grey to most of the outer surface.

I’m slowly assembling an Academy Kubelwagen to go along with the Schwimmwagen I completed in 2017. Some of the seams will need some cleaning up. No fault of the kit, just my high levels of hamfistedness.

I’ll also be adding top sealer coats to the first two models of 2018.

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