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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Paint (F-102, Hawk, Daimler, Komet, Eurofighter)

The paint session itself went well enough, and the three paint colors (Black, Middle Stone, and Dark Green) all went where they were supposed to and came out looking properly smooth. I don’t think any of them will be needing a polish and reshoot.

Once the paint cures, I will be attaching the landing gear to the F-102 and Hawk. Next, I’ll be painting the tires of the Daimler armored car. Both the Komet and Eurofighter will require additional masking, allowing me to move on to the next colors for both of them.

I’m still working on stripping the paint off of the Ffrom Delta so I can reshoot Alclad White Aluminum overall. This has been a painful process; the construction phase went very smoothly, so the disaster with the primer/Alclad coat was a major disappointment. Hopefully I can get all of the paint off and start over on this one.

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